Chamoy is an AI hiring platform that screens, evaluates, and helps recruiters hire the best candidates fairly using lifelike AI video interviews.

We were able to ship multiple features for Chamoy, all centered around ensuring the candidate experience was prioritized throughout the recruiting lifecycle. We spent the initial two weeks designing the product with fast iteration cycles. The product was shipped within 12 weeks.

The tech stack utilized here was:

  • Next.js

  • TypeScript

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Vercel

  • Supabase

  • OpenAI GPT API

  • LangChain

Some features included:

  • AI-assisted interview preparation based on job descriptions for a role

  • Interview insights and automated candidate feedback

  • Technical and behavioral interview analysis

  • An ability for recruiters to query candidate info via natural language

  • Bias and risk mitigation mechanisms to ensure fair assessment

General Inquiries

made with love.

General Inquiries

made with love.

General Inquiries